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new years resolutions

Perris Calderon

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I don't know what resolutions you've made, but if you really want to resolve your personal issues enlist a partner that you see and talk to every day.

someone with the same resolution...you can have as many partners as resolutions

I would even make a substantial bet part of the contract


In the beginning......
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Good advice. Just got my sister to join the same gym as me. Will motivate both of us to go more often.


Dabba Dooba
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Mine is to get better grades this year so I can keep my job.

Also find a girl lol

I have a feeling I will this year. Last year was just **** after me and my girl broke up and then I really didn't care for awhile.

Think this year is gonna be less drinkin now that my buddies and I will be working all summer and pretty much all of them will be out of high school and I will have one year left after this year.

Here is to a new year and hopefully less spam to our forum :p

Evil Marge

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Don't have any,I already quit smoking 10 months ago in a few days and can't think of anything else.I'm quite content with my life as it is :D

Evil Marge

I Rule
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My sons new years resolution should be to be nice to Gran and Grandad.We went there for dinner today along with my brother,his girlfriend and their 5 kids.
While my mam was busy in the kitchen my son sneaked onto her and my dads computer and changed the windows start up sound to a farting sound effect.
They can't have turned on the pc yet cause as soon as they do they'll either be straight on the phone or Skype to give my son hell.

I wish I could see their faces when they use the computer tomorrow


I may actually be insane.
Made a resolution a few years back (May of been '96, not sure though) to never make another resolution... stuck with it so far ;)

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