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Hope someone can help. I have win XP Pro. I finally gave in on my 10 year old daughter wanting her own login + password. So I did that. I chose limited for account type. When I log in with her login, I see lots of programs that I chose not to appear at start that uppears on hers now. How can I change that. I do not want anything to come up on startup for her login.And is there a way to restrict her from internet. Thanks. Any suggestions.

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Only thing I can think of so as to limit her further (as long as she is not to computer savvy) is to move the start menu shortcuts from 'all users' to your account name. Right click on the start menu/explore & start moving.

For the internet use a new password. You might have to do it through your isp over the phone.
Before it gets started all over...

There is another thread in hear about 4 days old with all the details on how the administartor can restrict access under XP pro. Also a link to a program for regulating amount of time spent logged on.
Try some searches on log on time, access control, etc.

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