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I'm in. Took a while for the team page to load for me, I think there was some server problems on their end. I'm hooked up now though. rox!!

Does this 'team' thing list it's individual members, or just the points and ranking of the team?

I know there are more than 8 of you with CPU processes to spare...and this is for a good cause, so get installin, dammit!!!
another useful thing -

I've been running this UD app for more than 24 hours straight, and noticed today when I got home from work: my cpu is HOT!!! lol, guess 24hrs+ of 100% usage can do that, huh? Anyway, seems a good test of max temps. (mine is 49C btw - kinda hot but then again it's clocked higher than spec, which means a 1.85v Vcore...)



edit: ok I just dropped my Vcore to 1.82v, that should give me a drop in temp right? I mean, isn't temp directly affected by voltage? ... hmm - I have no idea, but I think it is. Back to the thread :) what project are you guys workin on? I picked cancer, figured my family/friends and I have MUCH more use for that... hehe - totally selfish, in a way - but logical right? :D
49c is pretty darn good... you must have a really good cooler on that thing. Mine hovers around 55 to 57 C, and I consider that well within limits. Now if it took a jump up to 65 or so, i'd be concerned.

Hey.. i click join this team on there and it asks me for my name and password? what i do? Thanks..

- Mike
I would join, but i'm a seti man :D and they won't run together
I have it running in the background all the time and have about 3100 points now, heh.
Jumped on yesterday with both home and work systems. Been running both nonstop with no heat problems yet. Time will tell.

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