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New Windows, Old Programs...


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Hi all,

Basically my question is this:

I am planning on building a new PC and I have two Hard Drives that I am going to base this on, chock-a-block full of games, utils, etc.

Now, I realllllly don't want to have to reinstall everything, it would be a colossal pain in the buttocks. So, I wonder if there is any way of making games that have been installed under a previous Windows installation work under a new one without having to reinstall them?

For example, I know that Championship Manager 03/04 works in this manner. However, NBA 2004 refuses to load when run under a different installation. Is there a way (i.e. perhaps File and Settings Transfer Wizard...) of solving this problem without a load of new installations??

I will be installing XP SP1 and I have XP Professional. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Welcome to the forums Plughead. :)

I think the transfer wizard is only for basic window settings not all your software. Your best bet will be to install all the software again from scratch as many programs will write to the registry in order to run. Have you thought about using a slipstreamed installation of XP SP2?

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The transfer wizard will work just fine for software and settings. there will be a few things that the wizard will tell you has to be installed first (on the new system) but it will save them anyway.

(Start/all programs/Accessories/system tools/files and settings transfer wizard)

Follow the prompts

I've used it a few times with no problems (well 1 it transfered compaq logos and name to a new system I built,then had to go in manually and remove them)
that was the first time I used it.

Just picture that "New system I built boot up and COMPAQ,COMPAQ, COMPAQ all over" I was pissed.

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