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New Virus windows virus


Blame me for the RAZR's
yah alos i think if you have service pack 4 for 2k its secured as well.. lol my companyt id finaly rolling out sp 4 because of it.. for being one of the biggest companys in the world there sure have a ****ty IT team..


Blame me for the RAZR's
lol well i did just get a breaking news alert about it... lol

you would think with planse crashing today it would be a slow news day. some virus writer out there is like holy **** i made cnn... hehe


- geek -
NetRyder said:
Haha, CNN seems to have gone into panic-mode. :p
Well them and serveral other high profile places got hit by this today. :p
Among those hit were offices on Capitol Hill, which is in the midst of August recess, and media organizations, including CNN, ABC and The New York Times. The Caterpillar Co. in Peoria, Illinois, reportedly also had problems.
Above stolen from CNN by the way. ;)
mooo said:
when places like those get hit w/ these kinda viruses, you think the net admin gets firied or anything?
I doubt they get a pat on the back or a raise. :p Though the patch had only been out 3-4 days before the first worm/virus. I'm sure this patch was running on some "test" servers for many admins who are now very upset. :(

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