New Video Driver did something weird

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Engineer, Nov 24, 2002.

  1. Engineer

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    I installed the latest Windows XP Nvidia Display driver for a Gforce 2Mx400 video card. (issued November 12, 2002)

    Since then, every time I want to change the background picture on my desktop my PC defaults to the A: drive floppy to look for the wallpaper files. A dialogue box comes up saying that there is no disk in the floppy drive. I close the box and regular Display Properties box then appears.

    Why is XP defaulting to the floppy drive when it did not do this before. How do I correct this.

  2. Gus K

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    Roll it back, the latest NVIdia drivers are not optimised for your card, they are only concerned with the GF4's now. This 'unified' stuff is a lot of crap (how could one set of drivers work correctly/well with 5 some generations of chipsets).

    Was there a problem with your old driver? The latest is not always the greatest. You card is almost 3 generations old, you can bet NVIDia isn't working to squeeze more life out the GF2's.

    I've found the 29.42's work best with my GF2 GTS.