new video cards ?


I was going to buy the 9800pro from compusa and friend said to wait till spring time and new cards norm come out and the current will drop. Has anyone heard of any new ones that might come out?
ATI has an R4XX coming out - I'd buy a pro now though, cos if you wait till the R4XX in june you may as well wait for the next gen after that at xmas and so on and so on.

9800 Pro's from powercolour are fairly cheap - though you may want to get a vga silencer to replace the diddy lil fan that comes with it.

upto you in the end though :)


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nvidia has a new lineup and ati has a new lineup...

both are expected to start making their debuts... at least to reviewers by end march/april...


if i wait till the other cards come out, how long till they current ones drop in price?
(9800 aiw is like 350$ now, say to drop like $100, when do you think that would happen? ;p)
6 to 12 months - but I paid £175 for my powercolor 9800 pro (approx US$330) so $350 doesn't souond that bad unless you dont have that much cash on you :)


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ut2k4 plays on my system flawlessly @ 1600x1200... admittedly there are no high-res textures available but I reckon I should still be able to game @ 12x10 res easily...

d3 is highly scalable and hl2 is the same... ergo both these games should play just fine on my machine when they come out...

also... wrt the aiw9800pro... until ati comes out with a higher spec AIW card... it is top-dog and therefore you are unlikely to get a lower price on it much below what you have right now...
my 9800pro played ut2004 demo very impressivley for me at 1600x1200 :) must admit it was a nice surprise coming from my p4 1.7 and gf 4 ti 4800 :)

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