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I am currently using ME and want to switch to XP. I can buy the XP Pro Upgrade version on a student discount for $99 but would rather do a clean install versus an upgrade. I have been told that it's possible to do a clean install using an Upgrade disk, but don't really trust the source. Can anyone give me advice, including instructions on doing this if it's possible? Many thanks in advance.:confused:
Upgrade disks require you to have the win 9x disk so taht it can verify that you own one, it doesnt actually (as far as i am aware) copy any files across from it, all you need to do is either takle the new install option (if its there) and install it onto a new aprtition (it gives you the opertunity after the first reboot to create, format and select the partition for install) the other option is to download some boot disk from the m$oft site and install from a clean partition (or you whole hard disk) without any probs and just put the win me or 98 cd in when it prompts, any probs just post

Im pretty sure you cannot do a fresh install with an upgrade CD ....

but i would be interested to know if you can

i upgraded and it works fine for me .... ...
Thanks for quick reply

I am currently using a dual boot configuration with ME and W2K. I would like to wipe the ME partition and install XP there while keeping the W2K partition intact. Is this possible? If so, should I wipe the ME partition and run the install there, inserting my ME CD when prompted by the XP install disk?
I'm not sure if it will work or not. For sure XP will run ok doing that but you're in unknown territory as far as your 2k install goes. My guess is that it "should" be ok, but if I were you I'd back up all my goodies, start from scratch with 2k on my primary boot partition and then XP on the extended partition. Always the best formula is to go with the proven installation procedures - oldest OS first.

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