New Unreal Tournament 2007 Photos


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I can't wait. I played 2004 to death. I hope the new developemnt team is as creative as the 2004 team. That game had so much attention to detail it was great.

So many new games are just going for high resolution graphics and forget gaming part of it.


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Looks cool, hope to see what other games license the engine. Not a UT fan at all... but the engine is nice :)


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I'm pretty impressed...but this comment disturbed me.

sony is much better
Written by i dont know on 2006-02-24 21:37:30sonyalways have the best graphics and better understanding that xbox one time i playes the xbox system and the controller freck me out it had so many buttons and its boaring and look at its size but i think that sony i a bit better than microsoft microsoft is best in computer thats what i love it for the compters
What on earth is this fanboy trying to prove? It is a PC game by nature, he sure does jump to the Microsoft V Sony b.s. pretty quickly. Sorry to turn this thread negative but that sort of intellect appalls me.


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Btw, I am impressed at how well they are using bump and parallax mapping! This is definitely a pixel shader 3.0 game, but I wonder what its going to look like scaled down? I remember Cliff B saying it was going to be very scalable..right! At the supreme cost of beauty, that is....

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