New Ultimate Extras Coming Soon For Vista Ultimate Users

Vishal Gupta

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27 Feb 2008
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I didn't buy Windows Ultimate for the extras anyway - I wanted the version of Vista that had everything from the other versions in it. Although the Bitlocker tool has been useful - I am glad that one was made available to the Enterprise version as well (although as those are the only two versions that use it (?) they may as well have just put it there in SP1.

Apparently its been a bit of a bad year for the Ultimate team and it has been alot harder for them to release Powertoys than they anticipated with everything released having to go thru the same change review processes as any Windows Updates.

What else can they do and what kind of stuff would you want to be an Ultimate Extra?
I got my Ultimate Edition for free so the extras are but nice things that mean little, I would never have paid for ultimate (and i hope no one did just for "extras" ) and i run Home Premium on my laptop as well and have never needed anything from extras.

I guess there's nothing i can think of that i would "want" from extras, perhaps more Hi Res desktops, but things like that and screen savers etc are just nice little curios.
i paid for it but like EP i did so for the bitlocker stuff - which now has been cracked :D
Bitlocker has been hacked to some extent, but if you use TPM+Pin, have bios passwords, usb and firewire disabled at boot (ie sensible precautions to match your security) then you should be fine.

I just dig remote desktop ;)
About time. I'll stick to Enterprise though.
i mean my new badge - i can afford the deep sea diver :p
I got ultimate for media centre and remote desktop. The extras team just seem to be masochists with what they are putting out as extras.
same apart from the fact that it looks like geforce 8600 cards and vista mce don't mix anything other than DVD and the picture jumps and skips, only in full screen though
vista media centre 32 bit with Combined community codec pack plays back all my media just fine.
it does it here on rtm 32/64bit and sp1 32/64bit - it didn't do it on my amd box with a geforce 7, dvds play fine, its just avi/mkv at full screen it goes up the wall, im not alone though i have seen other people post about it on other forums :)
neither did i on amd/geforce 7600gt (or p4 3.4 intel) using 32bit mce and codecs - just seems its on the new pc i got which, if you use 32 or 64 bit the picture jumps a bit, from what i have been reading on a few nvidia forums it looks like its a driver issue

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