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New Uk ISP Advice Please


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Hi all

Firstly happy New Year to you all ! (My first post of the year).

Right, moving house this month (finally taken the plunge a decided to buy), and I am looking for a new ISP. I have been with tesco for the last year and a half and they have (usually) been reliable and although not the cheapest in the world at £18 a month for 512k, I have never had a download limit problem (which was great especially during the Vista and office beta period!)
So what I am after is 1meg+ with no download cap at around £20pm, and has to be ADSL as I am not in a cable area.

Any help will be much appreciated

Many Thanks



I may actually be insane.
http://www.eclipse.net.uk/ - I recently moved back to these guys as all the DSL options are getting pretty poor these days (until we get LLU'd) so I just wanted something cheap, so far it seems nice and stable.

It's £14.99/mo for 8mb (I'm Sync'ing at 7.5mb), and the only restriction is you have a 20GB limit, between the hours of 6pm-Midnight, all other times are free/off-peak.


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Hmmm eclipse looks good the other is too expensive (bethere) as I wantr sub £20 ideally.

As for orange heard lots of horror stories with them (and some people at work have problems) you might just be lucky though Heny

Any more please?

I want to place an order today ideally....


I may actually be insane.
To further my suggestion, I've not had a single problem with Eclipse since I signed up again.

Admittedly, the speeds can degrade during peak hours, however even in extreme cases my downloads haven't sunk below 2mb speeds, and I can live with that for what I'm paying :)
Demon aint bad either, 19.99 for 8mbps - I have only had up to 4 but this is due to BT's ancient lines that are installed here apparently. CS is good too.

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