[New Toy] : Harmony 890 remote OTW


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12 Apr 2002
Did some research and with my PS3, Xbox, Receiver, TV and cable-box, I needed something to control most of the items.

I haven't purchased the blue-tooth module yet, I am going to keep using my keyboard and PS3 remote, but the others are going to go into a little box :)

Will update upon receipt but I can't hardly wait :D
Woot! Hey nice little purchase there, how about a review, once you get it?
Yah, I want to see how easy it is to use and all that jazz :)

Thinking of getting new rear speakers as well and a small, new, htpc case. I have some gift-cards I need to use up :D
I received it over the weekend and have hooked it up. It was SIMPLE. :D

If anyone else gets this remote, prior to receipt ensure that you have jotted down all the model numbers of the products you wish to control with it.

The key benefit of the 890 is it is RF with an IR repeater.

The IR repeater can sit in a cabinet or wherever, as long as the IR repeater strands (and there are PLENTY of those) are positioned in front of the IR receivers of the other devices you wish to control.

Once you have the repeater setup, and the remote and repeater programmed (shouldn't take but a few mins to get done), the remote just works.

If I want to watch TV, I press the WATCH TV option, and as I have already said when configuring the remote that this involves turning on the TV, receiver and Cable Box, all those devices are turned on in one shot by pushing ONE button (and not 3 separate ones).

I press power off and all devices turn off as I have programmed :D

Same applies for playing games, DVD turns on my TV, PS3 and receiver, Games turns on my TV, Xbox360 and receiver :D

Pure joy.

The range is phenomenal and no line of sight required. It is rechargeable and as soon as you pick it up, it lights up, a la other harmony remotes.

The simplicity is hard to get across but anyone even slightly tech savvy will have a blast with this baby.

4.5/5 OSNN stars. Only dropping a half a star because it had minimal documentation.
uhhhhmmmmm. Isn't the documentation online?
Nice I have the 555 and its been a good remote :) Though nowhere as flash
Oooh, got a little carried away in the review apparently lol :D

I am using the Nyko IR adapter. Cannot turn on the PS3 :D

My PS3 is usually idling though.

AFAIK, I don't think you can turn on the PS3 with any device other than a plugged in controller.

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