New To Wireless Networking/need security advice


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I"m using Norton Antivirus 2005 with internet worm protection, SP2 fully patched, as well as all other programs, so I'm wondering do I need a software firewall on here as well, (currently only other firewall is wireless router one) Just wanting to find out for sure if I should be running more--Zonealarm firewall as well) or am I secure as it is.


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Yes, you will need a software firewall as well. Hardware firewalls only filter incoming traffic, you will need ZoneAlarm or others to filter outgoing traffic. ZoneAlarm is a good solution.



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K thanks, do I need those on all machines, i have it one machine now, and second machine upstairs very slow loading, I think it needs more ram, or something, and machine 3 I can put it on, and on mine I can put it on right away this evening. Thanks for the reply.

I'm gonna do best I can and speed the second one up, so I can proerly secure it


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K Thanks, I'm gonna do best I can and properly secure it, and hopefully can speed up machine 2, so it will run ok on that one.. maybe reduce some startup items, defrag it, removing programs that are hardly used, and make it work better I hope, it only has 10.2gb hard drive, awfully slow on bootup at the moment.


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vivid_vibe said:
... ZoneAlarm is a good solution.

On this point I am afraid I disagree - sure hope you have not paid for it yet! There are many others, and free too, which IMHO are all superior (and I speak as a former, ignorant, ZoneAlarm user!)

Also, teh main point with wi-fi and security is not firewalling, which would equally apply to a wired network. The point is a lot more a couple of questions:-

Are you using WEP?

Are you using MAC filtering?

THESE are the things you want if you don't want anyone in the road or next door house surfing on your bandwidth! ;) :cool:

BTW if you do not know the answers to the above - post back and folks will help explain for you - OSNN is good like that!


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I'm using on the router WPA-PSK, with a good key, mac filtering I wasn't sure on how to enable yet, so i didn't do that yet, but I may sometime, Zonealarm is already installed on 2 out of 3 machines, and soon will be on more if needs be.

Previously on my wired network, all I used was router's firewall and that's it

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