new to gmail - have question


Overclocked Like A Mother
8 Jul 2002
Hey all,

Just signed up for a gmail account. Trying to use igoogle as homepage.

Anyways, just wondering if I can create extra folders under my inbox folder, if so, How?

Can't seem to find it under settings.


Gmail does not call it "folders." Instead, they call it labels if I remember correctly. You'll need to click on Edit Labels, or maybe go into Settings>Label (tab), and then create on there.
Yeah, ming is correct. Create the label, then select the email you want labelled then the more actions drop down, then archive.
If you want to know more tricks, and things to do with labels you should search Lifehacker for gmail, they have all kinds of great things for gmail.
Thanks Bud,

New to this igoogle, might actually stick as my homepage too. If gmail can do what msn can, then I might move all my stuff to that too. Sounds like it can and then some. Can't believe the amount of space Goggle is giving out, I got nearly 6.5 gigs.

Anyone know what the biggest sized email I can send/receive?

Yea I have been using Gmail for years now and the only down side is there attachment size limit, why have 6.5GBs of space if you can only send 20MB (i guess because of other peoples emails). Yet still.

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