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new to firewalls

i just installed sygate pro and was wondering if anyone knew what these are?

NT Kernal & System
LSA Shell (Export Version)
generic Host Processes for win32 services
nwlink2 ipx protocol driver
ndis user mode i/o driver

i currently have these blocked until i know what they are. thanks in advance
All are fine to be allowed they are all part of the windows subsystem.

The first three should be given local access (only applys if you are on a network)

LSA does not need to be allowed out onto the internet, same goes for system it only requires access to local hosts.

Generic Host Services may need internet access depeding on your setup, can you put it into monitor and create rules that way with sygate?

The last two should be allowed to do as they please.


some info on services

Here's a useful site to see what should or shouldn't be running and if they need internet access

Don't know if you're runing Home or Pro, but the standard services are the same. Don't know if you're planning on locking down your box, but you can also check NSA's site http://www.nsa.gov/snac/winxp/index.html for XP. I've used these inf's for work so I know they work fine. Actually very handy because if you hose up your security settings you can always import those .inf's and reset your security
The NSA guides tend to be a bit heavy for home users, they dont need to make use of half the security recommendations it would just become restrictive.

http://www.uksecurityonline.com/ has good XP guides for the home.

Black Vipers service config, household name :)

Looking at what he posted he isnot going to want to turn them off, except for something that may be running under generic host services.

Use tasklist -svc at the command line to see what services are running under GHS and disable them if needed.

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