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Ok, I think im going to build myself a computer. I have been using my laptop for tooo long. Im not a big game player. Just use a lot of programs at once. This is what I think I will go for. Any suggestions or problems with this?

I can overclock this system right? something i have never done before.....
thanks adam

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Thermaltake VA3000 Dream Tower Tsunami VA3400BNA Black Mid Tower Case With 400W PSU -RETAIL

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prodj88 said:
i don't understand why people want to overclock when they already have a kick-ass system ? lol
To get more juice out of the machine when the time comes...??
However, for some people, that time is when they start the machine for the first time.. lol :p


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its a pretty decent system... consider dropping the 64bit video card in favor of a 128 bit video card minimum for the sake of performance... its a low/mid range-mainstream card as is... no need to cripple it further..

if you are multi-tasking it is suggested you try and tack on as much memory as possible...

consider dropping the cpu to perhaps a 2500+ (there is not much difference between this and a 3000+ in terms of regular applications and the like, especially if you are not going to be gaming much) and spend the extra money saved on another stick of memory...

also consider dropping the cd-rw in favor of a dual layer dvd burner

other than that the system is adequate...


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I was thinking about getting the dual layer dvd burner in the next few weeks. I want 2 cd roms. I was getting 2 sticks of memory for 1gig total

Also I think I will go for a 128 bit sound card

Any idea on a good sound card under $100 that is quit!!??



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on board?

pctweak said:
Any idea on a good sound card under $100 that is quit!!??...
Not sure what this was meant to be - guessing a sound card that is QUIET?!

If you want to save money why not reconsider and look around for a mobo that has something half decent on-board?

'fraid the only one I know of that has great sound is a an Albatron for the AMD 64 - maybe they make the same with a Socket A though?

I'll wait to hear what the experts say on this one - Muzikool and Dreamliner though - if they tell you I am wrong then listen to them and ignore me!

Oh and welcome toe OSNN BTW :)


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You can't overclock the XP3000. It's pretty much max'd out. Do what SAZAR said and go for a slightly slower CPU but keep the 400 FSB. The price jump is offensive for the little bit of performance you get going to a 3000.

Pick up a good 8x dvd burner/cd now and wait until the dual layer stuff gets real. Daul layer is over priced and and high speed single or dual layer burns are unreliable.

Get at least a 9600 PRO, 128 MByte card. You will not be happy with anything less in that machine.
Don't waste your money on a Barton 3000+ Spend the money and get an Athlon XP Mobile 2500 or preferably 2600 and THEN overclock it. Because the 2600 on that board will overclock beautifully. I have an Asus A7N8X Deluxe Rev. 2.0 board and an Athlon XP Mobile 2600 with a Zalman 7000AlCu heatsink and fan and I am at 2.4ghrz (400FSB), and floating around 38 celcius. Think about it.


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not all cpu's overclock the same... the newer iterations of the 2500+ are not as easy to up to 3200+ speeds as the older ones were unless you go with a mobile solution...


basic advice... identify your needs and address them with the best you can buy within the budget you have allocated for yourself..


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Cool, thanks for the help I will keep all that in mind!
Other idea I was thinking.... Does anyone use 2 sound cards much? I think that would work great for me. I have to 2 dell LCD screens I could use. Windows XP can configure that right?

thanks again
If you're looking for an overclock a mobile Athlon XP is the best bet. 2 sound cards? Ummm I know some people use it for a lot of music editting our audio editting, as well as if people use synthesizers or whatnot. That's about it.


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Yeah I was confused by the sound cards also - and then he mentions having two monitors! I have a hunch for some reason he has his audio visual wires crossed and means a two heads up display - which is normally handled by ONE card - my 9700 pro can do it as can many others..... How about you clear up for us what you mean PCtweak?


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pctweak said:
Sorry my bad, I wanted to say to video cards...not sound cards.
Yeah that's like I guessed then - if you want to simply drive two screens it would be very old skool to need two cards, most every reasonable spec. card now will do it from one. Of course if you were going for a yummy scrummy 6600GT then you could get two and run them together with that SLI thingummy that links them up to make for a very impressive double screen setup.... But you would be paying big bucks! :eek:


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I like everything you want but do what everyone says and drop down to the 2500 or 2600 and make sure you get the mobile version. They will use less power and later on when you want you can overclock the mobile versions incredibly well...also mos def get a better graphics card...anything that is 64 bit is not worth the money spent on's just a way for companies to spend less money producing the card and essentially making a nice card do a lot less...also just about every graphics card out today can do dual screens and the cards come with what you need to hook up dual screens

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