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New System Help

Im going to be getting a new system so i can have this other one for my sis
here's what im thinkin so far
tell me what u think

Abit A7N or Abit NF7-S mobo (which one is better?)
AMD XP 2500+ mobile Proccesor (yes/no)?
2x 512 Azen 333 or 400 Ram
80GB HD not sure what company to go for
ATI AIW Radeon 9800 Pro (got it already)
already have the monitors heat sink for the new system as well as one for the one i'll be giving to my sis...
probably get a LG 52x32x52 cdrw and a case for cheap also already have a 300 watt power supply for the older system and a 430 watt antec true power p/s for the newer one

any suggestions on the mobo/processor/memory would be great as well as what company i should go for for the HD im thinking Raid would be nice so maybe 2 of the same HD's??


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CPU: AthlonXP 2500+/2600+ is best buy.
HD: Depends if you're going for IDE or SATA. Recommend SATA for transfer rate (150gb/s) but will lose one of the Raid settings that IDE has (can't remember what it is).
Athlon XP - Socket A - 333MHz FSB
Athlon XP 2500+ (Barton) w/ 512K L2 cache RETAIL BOX $114
Athlon XP 2600+ RETAIL BOX $127
Athlon XP 2700+ RETAIL BOX $151
Athlon XP 2800+ (Barton) w/ 512K L2 cache RETAIL BOX $170
Athlon XP 3000+ (Barton) w/ 512K L2 cache RETAIL BOX $210

Athlon XP - Socket A - 400MHz FSB
Athlon XP 3200+ RETAIL BOX $269

the mobile chip is multiplyer unlocked so easier to o/c + less heat + uses less voltage
Athlon XP 2500+ OEM $139

ABIT NF7 nVIDIA nForce2 more info $98
ABIT NF7-S nVIDIA nForce2 more info $130 gonna b getting this one probably..like it better with the raid and the serillel 2

Maxtor 80.0GB w/ 8MB cache $105 (7200 rpm ide drive)
Maxtor 80GB S-ATA $108

which of these ?


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Yeah, go with the Mobile 2500. It's great for overclocking. I have a regular Barton 2500 and it's not so great. I would definitely switch to SATA drives by Seagate over any IDE drive. Ram is good. Go with a DVDRW drive instead of CDRW. And as for the motherboard, I like the A7N8X Deluxe rev2.0, but it's not the best overclocker, which I'm sure you've read from other places. I usually get my info from HardOCP but they've been doing maintenance recently on their site.


I'm building a new system, so far got all my parts from New Egg, haven't paid any shipping yet. Unless that's part of the price.

I got an AMD XP 2700+ for $99, OEM.
welll here we go
no laptop
and i aint returning the 9800 pro

here's wha im going to get

ABIT NF7-S nVIDIA nForce2 more info $130
Athlon XP 2500+ OEM $139
Maxtor 80.0GB w/ 8MB cache $105 (7200 rpm ide drive)
2 x 512mb 400mhz memory(FREE) :D

the board comes with serillel 2..its supposed to change reg. ide drives to sata ...150mb/s transfer?
as for the dvd rw dont really think i need it yet and if i find later that i do ..i'll get one i guess

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