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New system advice


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So part of this is in relation to my other post:

Looking through everything, I was sort of thinking of getting a new system just to try and start over. I figure if I bought it from there, I could just insert the working old drives of my old system and put it into the new system and sell off what I can of the old system I have, all while upgrading towards Windows 7.

So here is my thing...
I'm a gamer...
I would like high enough graphic power with high enough general power. So I figure I'd need at minimum 750 W Power supply depending on the video card and other things I obtain (such as a TV Tuner for my console systems and if I decide to go back to Cable, TV watching).

I had also heard that Intel has been alot better with their cpu's. I figure if I can, I'll go quad core. So I'm stuck between the AMD Phenom II's vs the Intel core7i.

As for video card, I am unsure about doing either ATI or nVidia. I want to almost go with nVidia because:
Less issues it seems for linux side should I want to have a linux partition...
More gaming support
But I would also go for ATI because:
Lower power consumption
Less cost

I would like to watch Blu-ray on my desktop so I figure getting a blu-ray drive would be nice and get a DVD-RW 2nd drive.

I am also skeptical about the creative sound cards since my last experience when having this new system with a sound card was... lockup issues and memory leaks (thank you Creative Sound Blaster Fatal1ty card...)

That would be it for the most part.

I'm sure you would mention to me that I should probably build it myself, but the thing is is I have had little luck honestly with building any computer system myself in a day's time. As I have work now, I wanna try to just get a system and go.

So, thoughts?

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