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New Soundcard

I got an Audigey 2 ZS for christmas, and i have an expox 8rda+ nforce 2 motherboard, which has onboard sound, I know I have to disable it in the bios, which is audio 97 enabled/disabled but I don't know which driver to uninstall?? here is a screenshot of all the drivers under sound option in device manager.... if you could tell me which one to uninstall I would be happy :D

First go to add/remove programs and remove anything that's part of your built in sound. There was probably some programs added when the system was built and the MB sound installed.

Then everything in that list above should go except for the ones with video in them and the game port. If you take too many out windows should detect it on next boot and ask to do an install.

Then on next reboot enter bios and disable the sound. Disabling the sound in bios may kill the drivers too, but I try not to put too much faith in windows working as it should.
well I built the system myself, and I just installed the nforce 2 driver pack, which installs sound/ethernet support, last time I did this, when I uninstalled the SOUND part of the nforce 2 when i booted up to where the logon screen was, it would go black... so yea I am trying extra careful this time, so I don't have to reinstall windows.

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