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New Sony DRU 820A Burns disk slow...


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I just bought a sony dru 820A to replace my Plextor 712 so I could burn DL disks, but when I try to burn a regular dvd disk is takes over 20 min.

My plextor could do it in about 7 min. I updated to the latest firmware. 1.08 something.

What else should I do to try to get the 16x speed this drive is supposed to deliver. I am using 16x verbatim dvd +R disks.
1) Make sure the burning program you use does not think it is still writing to the plextor. Most likely cause.

2) Check the speed setting in the burn program too. It should be set to max.

3) Make sure you have had the new drive "test" the system to verify it is fast enough to burn at 16x. I've seen burning ware insist on a retest after any changes.

4) Different drives like different media. If the drive does not like the media you are using it will treat it as "bad" media and burn it at a slower speed. Possible with 16x media you are pushing the envelope.

5) It could be that particular drive. I had a lite-on that was pure crap. 2 friends of mine had the same models and theirs would burn any media at max speed.


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Where can i get software to test the drive? Can I do it in NERO 6? It has so many programs. I am using DVD cloner II.

Is there a place to set the speed a dvd burner uses in xp.

Can I update the dvd burner's driver or just the firmware?
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