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New Setpoint software

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Hey, thank you, me downloading it atm !
I have the MX1000 for less than a month now and I installed the Setpoint 2.14 (and not the 2.11c from the cd) from Logitech back then. They jumped from 2.14 to 2.31 or I've missed something ?
Anyway, going to install it right now (already finished downloading it while typing... :D )


The One and Only
nope, it was a complete jump from 2.14 to 2.31. downloading now. thx for the find. was actually gonna check the website yesteday to see if there was a new set.... but decided not to. don't remember why.

Howling Wolf: hope you like your MX1000. if so, glad you like it. then again.... if you do have it, how can you NOT like it? :)


168gr BTHP
Can't wait to install these. Seems a couple of people from the help forums are reporting that USB issues with the MX1000 are now fixed, specifically the "brick wall" issue.

I really hope that is the case. Love my MX1000 but would like to use USB instead of PS2.


The One and Only
eer..... "brick wall" issue? fill me in please. never had a single problem with my MX1000 and i've had it for a few months now. And never had to use the USB-to-PS2 converter either. USB always worked perfectly fine for me.

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
I do love my new MX1000, easy enough as I previously had its now little sister, the MX700.
As for the usb issues (what's "brick wall" ?), I do encounter a strange problem, approx. once per week, the cursor freezes for a few seconds or has "jumping" moves, several times during an hour or so and then all is fine again...
But I'm not sure it's not an issue with my new mobo and its usb ports (also one month old or so), an Asus A7V880: on reboot, it loses the usb keyboard and a reset brings it back... not sure what's going on, still observing for now, but I may ask for a replacement soon if it continues...


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So far its really nice, it seems to have some new features that I will have to mess with after class.


168gr BTHP
The "brick wall" issue is noticeable when using USB on some MX1000's. Basically....when picking the mouse up and putting it back down with a quick left or right movement (like turning around quickly in gaming) alll movement stops for a split second. Like you hit a brick wall. Annoying to say the least.
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Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Im hoping it fixes my small prob with my mouse/keyboard combo problem. The odd time it doesn't see the enhanced keys on my keyboard. I'm using PS/2, to fix it I close setpoint and reopen it.

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