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12 Jan 2006
Hey Guys,
Just wondering what you all think of the new season of house?
what we thought of the new season? well its not done yet so I dont know..

the first show, was pretty good, even though I knew what was going to happen with his whole problem and all that..
Well since i said think...
It means what you think of it currently.
Im not ecstatic about it but i think it will change.
So far it's great. The trailer for next weeks episode seemed a little too much like the x-files though. I'm pretty sure that means their patient is insane, but we'll see.
I think so too.
But This week, cuddy and wilson so pissed me off :(
Please use spoiler tags where appropriate gentlemen, and lady ;)
tis why im keeping my comments extra vague :)
I think the first episode was good, It was nice to see some authority put in place finally over House and his decisions. That has always bugged me that nobody ever told him

I liked the ending too, it was good forshadowing that his abilities as a doctor are better now, but since nobody told him what happened at the end with his patient he feels that without Vicodin he is a failure. So not telling him was both a blessing and a curse.... blah blah.

The preview for next weeks just looks like it was well edited together. If you remember the episode from last season with the kid that thought he was a messager from God to heal people. Some weird stuff happens, but by the end all is explained in a reasonable manner.
No way,

i hated the last part, cuddy and wilson are idiots and suck so much, they should have told him, its just a curse no blessing
Hated it? Look at it from their point of view, although we know he is talanted... in all honesty its probably good for him. You dont want to stroke his ego, I dont know if you understand what I am saying.
I do,
but he is house, it would be out of character for him to be wrong.
His Cockyness is what makes the show interesting and witty
Oh absolutely, I agree 100%. But this whole season is about change, he isnt the same... I think it adds a new twist to things. And I agree it was a bad idea not to tell him what happened to his patient when she injected him. Because now he thinks that unless he is high all the time he cant do what he could before. If they had told him... he would know that he is not only smarter than he was before, but also he is clean and sober and more confident in other areas of his life.
But then again,
Is that House?
I liked the old house, im hoping the season will change.
Its called change, they have to keep it fresh and interesting. Iam all for the new House, but obviously what happened at the end of the episode... you might just get your wish. Atleast for a while.
I am thinking old house will come back, but its new and I still like it.
So I missed the episode this week... was it any good? Should I "get it" or is it just a ordinary episode?
Last weeks episode was great.
To me it was better than the first, House is back.
I have not watched house in like a month... I keep missing it. I think I watched the first two or three episodes then I fell behind. Have a I missed a whole lot?

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