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8 Apr 2005
I love the new search, the animated dog while searching is sweet! Searching seems much faster and more accurate too!

Nice change!
lol, I am sure the boardtracker guys will be pleased you like it.
Won't currently search sections that a normal member can't see tho, might have to write both in
Im on BoardTracker.
dont use it very much though.
Just curious, why are we using this rather than the built-in search?
No I don't think so, they spider our boards and provide what they say in a more detailed search with no character restrictions etc.

And of course take load off our servers by not using them to search :eek: (not that that was a problem anyway.)
well - I loved it - then I clicked a link from my search results - and instead of a laptop thread I get ----- Americas Army! I am less than thrilled by that - need less random search linkage!

I have attached screen shot - the link I clicked was the "need desktop replacement" one by KCNY and the AA page is the one it threw up!

Any ideas folks?


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Yup, the link above it also doesn't work. Stinky.

You can still use the forums built-in search via the advanced search page (not sure if that's meant to be or not)
Yeah of course, will prob add both at some point just so those that don't like it have the choice.

Tobe fair just searching for laptop was a bit vague :D
But clicking the link he clicked should have brought him to a thread started by Derek, not one started by Lawman82.
When did I last lose the database? :p
Boardtracker has been spidering for a long time.

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