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New Search powered by Boardtracker


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I love the new search, the animated dog while searching is sweet! Searching seems much faster and more accurate too!

Nice change!

Electronic Punk

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lol, I am sure the boardtracker guys will be pleased you like it.
Won't currently search sections that a normal member can't see tho, might have to write both in

Electronic Punk

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No I don't think so, they spider our boards and provide what they say in a more detailed search with no character restrictions etc.

And of course take load off our servers by not using them to search :eek: (not that that was a problem anyway.)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
well - I loved it - then I clicked a link from my search results - and instead of a laptop thread I get ----- Americas Army! I am less than thrilled by that - need less random search linkage!

I have attached screen shot - the link I clicked was the "need desktop replacement" one by KCNY and the AA page is the one it threw up!

Any ideas folks?



I may actually be insane.
Yup, the link above it also doesn't work. Stinky.

You can still use the forums built-in search via the advanced search page (not sure if that's meant to be or not)

Electronic Punk

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Yeah of course, will prob add both at some point just so those that don't like it have the choice.

Tobe fair just searching for laptop was a bit vague :D


Bow Down to the King
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But clicking the link he clicked should have brought him to a thread started by Derek, not one started by Lawman82.

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