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New SATA Harddrive


Stranger Than Fiction
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I just installed my new 80 gig SATA HD. When I go to disk managment the only thing it lets me do is create "New Volume". If I do that it only lets me create a Dynamic Drive. Well I've never used a Dynamic disk before and I don't feel like using one now. Also they apparently don't work with Partition Magic. I've tried to get it back to Basic by deleting the volume land selecting basic from the menu like it says on microsofts site but that simply isn't an option. Any ideas?


Stranger Than Fiction
Political User
Thanks but I've got it now. Partition Magic does support the drive but its gotta go through a funky setup thing first. There is a program for Maxtor drives called Max Blast that I had to run first to properly configure the drive and from there it all worked fine. I didn't know I had to do this cause it didn't come with the drive .. guess thats what I get for going OEM/white box rather than retail.

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