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New Rig advice (buying tomorrow)


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I want to buy a new system tomorrow based on an Asus A7N8X Del Mobo and using either a Barton 2500xp or Barton 2600xp CPU.

I will be buying a Case that has a lot of space for fans and I will be adding 4 extra fans to the case for cooling.

I have a few questions though...

Is it worth getting the Barton 2600xp over the Barton 2500xp it's only a few pounds more?

I know the 2500xp is a great overclocker and I would need a far better cooler then the one that is provided, any suggestions for a good value cooler that will allow me to clock the cpu up to 3000/3200 speeds?

Also is it worth getting 333mhz ram or 4000mhz ram, if the fsb is only 333 what would be the benefit of 400mhz ram?, any suggestions for good cheap memory would be appreciated as well. I want to get 1 gig's worth.

Sorry for all the questions but I want to build the best system I can for the best value, and I know you guys know what you're talking about.

Many thanks in advance.

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