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New Release: WinZip 10.0 build 7245


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Dear WinZip User,

On November 14, 2006, we released a critical update (WinZip 10.0 build 7245) that addresses a security vulnerability in WinZip 10.0. This is a free update for registered users of WinZip 10.0 and we highly recommended that you download and install it as soon as possible. WinZip 9.0 and older are not affected by this vulnerability.

Q: What is WinZip 10.0 build 7245?

A: WinZip 10.0 build 7245 is a critical update to all installations of WinZip 10.0. This build addresses a security vulnerability that exists in one of its component modules.

This vulnerability makes it possible for a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on a system with an unpatched installation of WinZip 10.0 if the user visits a malicious web page. While there are no known exploits as of this announcement, we strongly urge WinZip 10.0 users to update to build 7245 due to the critical nature of the vulnerability. If you have a previous version of WinZip, this vulnerability does not affect you.

Q: How do I get WinZip 10.0 build 7245?

A: You can simply download and install the new build over your existing WinZip 10.0 installation. In order to preserve your existing WinZip registration information, please do NOT uninstall your current WinZip 10.0 before installing this new build of WinZip 10.0. If you do, you will need to re-enter your name exactly as you did upon initial registration.

Download the WinZip 10.0 build 7245 now.
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