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New RAM Installed


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I just installed my new RAM, 8GB PC2 8500.

And I try to update my WEI rating, and it gives me an error (image attached).

Whats the deal with this?

*Also, if I wanted to overclock within windows what program do you suggest, or you suggest not doing that?

*edit, so I had to go into the WEI settings, erase all data and try again.

I also went to overclock, went from 2.4Ghz to 3.2Ghz on the CPU like I had before, but if I try to put the 800Mhz ram to 1066Mhz (which I had done with the other ram) it just beeps and tells me to change it. Weird.
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What motherboard do you have, Bman? For some reason my memory is that you had a Rampage Formula but I'm probably wrong. If you do have the Rampage Formula then it's actually easy to do. I believe I changed 4 things in the BIOS. As has already been stated you need to know the voltage for the RAM.


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I got the EVGA 780i SLI mobo.

And I will check with the manufacturer, but I assume that info won't be easy to find.

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