New RAM Installed


Not Bman

I just installed my new RAM, 8GB PC2 8500.

And I try to update my WEI rating, and it gives me an error (image attached).

Whats the deal with this?

*Also, if I wanted to overclock within windows what program do you suggest, or you suggest not doing that?

*edit, so I had to go into the WEI settings, erase all data and try again.

I also went to overclock, went from 2.4Ghz to 3.2Ghz on the CPU like I had before, but if I try to put the 800Mhz ram to 1066Mhz (which I had done with the other ram) it just beeps and tells me to change it. Weird.
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I have never touched the voltages before, scared too. Any suggestions to doing that?
Check with the manufacturer. Their site may say what voltage they recommend the ram to run or has been tested at.
What motherboard do you have, Bman? For some reason my memory is that you had a Rampage Formula but I'm probably wrong. If you do have the Rampage Formula then it's actually easy to do. I believe I changed 4 things in the BIOS. As has already been stated you need to know the voltage for the RAM.
I got the EVGA 780i SLI mobo.

And I will check with the manufacturer, but I assume that info won't be easy to find.
Find the ram on Newegg. Chances are that the specs will list the voltage.

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