New PSU Due to PC Failure


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Hi all

For the last couple of months my pc has been randomly freezing, restarting or just generall messing up, ive asked people on here b4 n they have said it sounds like a PSU Problem instead of a HD one which i suspected, and as Replacing the PSU is the cheaper option i was wondering if any of you could help me out.

Ive found a 450W PSU for £50

and a 550W Triple Fan PSU for £31.87

A Few Questions Why is the 550W Cheaper?

Is there anything i need to know before replacing PSU as this is the 1st i will have done it

Is My motherboard able to cope with 450W or 550w?

Do i need new cables?

And Due to the basic explaination of my pc freezing, do u think it is the PSU Because b4 Pc Freezes or Fails theres a discintive Click noise with wat sounds like a fan stopping?

Pls Help



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Clicking noise is the HD going back to parking its head, and then quickly spinning up and being used again.

This is caused by a bad PSU.

Anyways, your mobo can handle everything fine, it will draw just the power it needs.

Anyways triple fan? Holy **** that would generate a ton of noise. Also, make sure they are not rated at 550 watt, and then can only output a continued 400 watt with a peak of 550 watt (Yes, some manufacturers do that, to be cheap). And get a nice silent one as well, unless you want a PC that sounds like a jet engine.

/me goes to find his ear muffs


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o ok Thanx, So out of the 2 i suggest u wud recommend the 450w? as it says True 450W With Low Noise and is higly recomended by the site?


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hey x-istence do u mean clickin noise is always caused by the psu? cuz thats happening to one of our g5's in school and its booting up weird somtimes as if its in dos! lol scrolls alot of msgs,


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yeah then i woudl get the 450 watt one, btw i didnt open the link but by the name that u said "true 450" then im assuming its antec? if it is then hell yeah, antec is the best brand


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Also do u mean my HD is going because of the Bad PSU so i need a new HD? or just the PSU is it causing it to stop but the HD shud b ok?


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ohh btw yes the 450 will defenetly do the job on ur pc i have the true 480 with leds in the fans, and it has done more than engough for me, and my computer is higher specs than yours


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Sorry its 480W and its the Hiper 480W Chrome Silent Type R PSU

This is what i says:

Product Specs..

Product Description Hiper 480W Chrome Silent Type R PSU
Device Type P4 / AMD Power supply 480W PSU
Power Provided True 480 Watts
Output Connector(s) Gold plated Connectors, preventing rust and bad connections
ATX 12V Supports ATX 12v up to version 2.2
Power Factor Correction Active Power Factor Correction (PFC)

and here is the description:

Hiper have long built up an excellent reputation within the PC Modding and enthusiast community with their excellent range of modding and cooling products. PCW Component centre is delighted to announce EXCLUSIVE stock availability on Hiper’s latest 480W Chrome Type R silent power supply. In addition to simply receiving the power supply on its own users also receive an attractive carry case which can be used for modding spares etc; a chrome 80mm case fan and a pair of steel braided IDE cables – rounding off an excellent value for money package for our customers. Hiper’s Type R power supply units they have been developed after carefully monitoring various web forums and media outlets for consumer feedback on our their range of power supplies; and we are delighted to say they are now better than ever! If there is any one component that is absolutely vital to the operation of a computer, it is the power supply. Often overlooked at the initial stage of putting together or upgrading a PC; it is very important that users opt for a power supply that provides excellent power characteristics in addition to operating at low noise levels. The new Hiper Type R range provides users with the assurance of Hiper’s excellent attention to product design and features. If you are looking for a new low noise, low cost, HIGH quality power supply for your PC – there has never been a better time to buy – order now whilst stocks last!


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Make sure the new PSU is P4 compatible (has a small 4 pin connector required for all new P4 systems and some newer AMD MB). It's the way everything is going.

Make sure the +5V rating is 28 amps or higher and the 12V rating is 15 amps or higher.
Make sure the combine 3.3, 5, 12 volt outputs do not have a power limit much lower than the overall supply. Cheapies may be rated 450W but the 3.3/5/12 combination can not exceed say 280W.

Look for a comparably priced Antec or Enermax supply rated 380-400W before you buy an off-brand unit. Quality is higher and they do nice things like replace your PC if the supply blows and takes other parts with it.

PS There is no guarantee a new PS will fix the problem. It can literally be anything (sounds card, video, RAM, CPU, MB, PS, HD, incoming power from the wall). Swapping parts one item at a time is the only way to isolate it.


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and so do u mean my HD is going because of the Bad PSU so i need a new HD? or just the PSU is causing it to stop but the HD shud b ok?

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