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New Projector

Hello everyone...

I thought this would be the forum for this since it involves gaming with consoles.

I have bought an Epson S1+ Powerlight projector last year for over $1000USD and I noticed that projector prices have gone down quite a bit, and that they are much better quality. I love my Epson because it is super bright for presentations and other buisness apps, however for at home - the quality of the graphics could be better. I am trying to find another projector for use with xbox360/ps2/movies/etc that will have darker blacks with a higher contrast ratio, and also be closer to if not HD. I don't mind buying used, and ebay would be a nice place to find one - any suggestions on a model/brand that is affordable nowdays?


Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Don't forget that with Costco the site and warehouses are separate. So what's on the site isn't always available in the warehouse.

Wow I wish I could buy that. :)
hmm... i'm probably going to keep my eyes open for that sharp, but used on ebay... that should save a bit more - I still dont' see why you think it's hi def, are all dlps hd?
well, people put all kinds of words in the title for hits, however this is the description

The "Educator Series" XR-10X offers brilliant high-resolution images - with 2000 ANSI Lumens brightness and XGA native resolution. Utilizing the latest Texas Instruments DDR DLP™ display technology with 3x speed, 4-segment color wheel in conjunction with TrueVision™ (DDP2000) image processing, ensures superior color quality, brightness and reliability. Multiple ultra-quiet cooling fans, along with extended lamp life, makes the projector an ideal choice for extended-use operation. And a full complement of inputs and outputs (including RGB-loop through, stereo variable audio line-output and RS-232C), makes the projector ideal not only for "portable" use but for higher-end integration as well.
Well...I dunno...having already a projector in the house (Sharp) I find it nice but in terms of display I would rather have a Plasma or TFT TV.On the projector side , it depends where that thing is placed in the house , like mine, it's in the living and we had windows all over .,thus not so applicable when the sun is shining bright, but I visited a friend's house recently and he has that Dell's 26"....got me interested in buying it...by the way I don't really know whats the price like for a TFT or Plasma in your place ,but like me in Japan, a 32" would be in the range of 1500 US...and I won't mind paying the extra having the experience with projectors before and now....

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