New Prodigy Album

it was supposed to be out last year :(

bout bloody time..
Sazar said:
it was supposed to be out last year :(

bout bloody time..

no joke! Heard "Baby's Got a Temper" on one of the most badass home system riggings I've ever seen, got excited, went looking for release dates... and to my surprise, apparently it had been released three months before my even hearing about it... lol

glad to see that it's not another conspiracy like HL2 :p
If you read the interview, bgot was s serious kick in the ass for liam - of the direction that the prodigy should NOT be going in!
Electronic Punk said:
If you read the interview, bgot was s serious kick in the ass for liam - of the direction that the prodigy should NOT be going in!

in the way of massive re-sampling (I heard echos of firestarter, diesel power, among others) or just style?
The style basically, he said that firestarter and breathe were then and this would be something different, tho he did say that kool keith of diesel power fame was doing a track on teh new album. So I dunno... he has changed this album so many times :p
FINALLY YAY YAY YAY (football style shirt over head and runs around)
This has been too long in the coming, I am very glad too what you just said e-punk, I was dissapointed with babys got a temper, it was what I thought was a step backwards from a group that has been cutting edge with each album. I am expecting big things here because I love all three of their albums, I really hope I and everybody else is not dissapointed :)
Good stuff. Looking forward to it.
01. Spitfire [ 5:07]
02. Girls [ 4:13]
03. Memphis Bells [ 4:22]
04. Get Up Get Off [ 4:19]
05. Hotride [ 4:35]
06. Wake Up Call [ 4:55]
07. Action Radar [ 5:31]
08. Medusas Path [ 3:13]
09. Phoenix [ 4:37]
10. You Will Be Under My Wheels [ 3:55]
11. The Way It Is [ 5:46]
12. Shoot Down [ 4:40]


Massive opener and statement of intent, featuring vocals from actress Juliette Lewis. "I wanted to start with World War III", says Liam Howlett. "A friend saw Juliette's band, The Licks, in Los Angeles and said she had a shouty Patti Smith voice, so I sent her tapes. People are going to slag off a Hollywood star doing music, but she's for real."


The first single. Dirty electro-punk reminiscent of Smack my Bitch Up, featuring vocals from all-girl electro-punk outfit Ping Pong Bitches. Howlett: "There's nothing deep about this track or this album. It's what Prodigy does best: big, dumb, rocking tunes. You're not going to get any meaningful stuff out of it."

Memphis Bells

Bass-driven instrumental with a squiggly electronic motif. And lots of bells. "I wanted something to signal my change of direction.", says Howlett. "This sounds like Timbaland on acid".

Get Up Get Off

Dark brutalist electro featuring breakneck rapper Twista, who recently scored a Top 10 hit with Slow Jamz. Howlett: "I first heard Twista three years ago. He's got a really fast flow. I wanted a real London rap tune, and I think the street will respond to this."


Juliette Lewis reappears for this outing that borrows from Fifth Dimension's uber-Kitch Up, Up and Away. "Up, up, and away in my beautiful balloon", sings Lewis, adding a louche "give me a ride". Suggesting that views of the countryside from a wicker basket aren't her prime concerns. "The Prodigy have been taking themselves too seriously," says Howlett, "This is quirky".

Wake Up Call

The Prodigy get the funk, as Kool Keith delivers the message "You better wake up!" amid a flurry of mad flute samples. Howlett: "A slap in the face to myself after [poorly received 2002 single] Baby's got a Temper. I needed to change, or we were ****ed."

Action Radar

Kraftwerk meets Gary Numan, with a man screaming over the top. The latter is Paul Jackson from unsigned Essex punk band Dirt Candy. "I heard "em while I was in the bath," says Howlett. "I was like, Turn that ****ing **** down! Nat's daughter told me it was her friend's dad, so I rang him up and got him to sing on this."

Medusa's Path

Cinematic instrumental with a distinctly Middle Eastern flavour. Howlett: "I'd love to play an Arab country, but we wouldn't really be welcome there. But still, I like the vibe"."


Jagged stop-start dance-rock hybrid featuring a sample from Shocking Blue's 1969 track Love Buzz, later covered by Nirvana. Howlett:"This is a complete jack of someone else's production and song. I'm not scared to do that even after 12 years in The Prodigy. You have to take risks."

You'll Be Under My Wheels

A one-dimensional slab of fuzzy techno. Even Howlett isn't keen. "Not a lot to say on this," he shrugs. "It's just an album filler."

The Way It Is

Built on a recreated sample of Michael Jackson's Thriller, this trades th usual sledgehammer approach for some welcome light and shade. Howlett: "I was drinking Red Bull and Vodka, and I wanted to chew Michael Jackson's **** off and spit it back out again."


Aggro-charged finale, featuring Liam Gallagher on vocals and brother Noel on bass. "Liam and I first agreed to do a track six years ago." Says Howlett. "A year ago, we ended up getting pissed in the studio, and this happened. It's quite punk rock. Easily more punk than Oasis."
quite simply, amazing.

Can't wait until August (23rd for release apparently)
Amazon and say August :confused:

Oh, and here's the full track names :p
1. Spitfire
2. Girls Feat. The Ping Pong Bitches
3. Memphis Bells Feat. Princess Superstar
4. Get Up Get Off
5. Hot Ride Feat. Juliette Lewis
6. Wake Up Call Feat. Kool Keith
7. Action Radar
8. Medusa's Path
9. Phoenix
10. You'll Be Under My Wheels
11. The Way It Is
12. Shoot Down-Feat. Liam Gallagher (Vocals) & Noel Gallagher (Bass Guitar)
Probs shouldnt say it cos the less people that know the better but its been leaked already, i'm hooked to it, its awesome.

Been a fan for years and this is nothing like any of their old stuff.

9/10 i'd say

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