New printer and external HDD


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Hey everyone,

I'm in the process of writing a list of things I need to get, and I've just added a printer and 2 external HDDS. I'll need a printer capable of delivering very high quality prints with excellent colour reproduction at high DPI levels in A4 and A5 sizes. The price is not really an issue, but I'd of course prefer something less costly. A laser printer would probably be preferred as well.

Also, I'll need 2 external HDDs as said. I'm looking for something with 500 GB - 1 TB storage capacity, 16 MB cache and min. 7,200 RPM. I'd love for it to be SATA, and support both USB, Firewire (400 or 800) and - if possible - eSATA.

Please help! Will be greatly appreciated :)


Oh, now I know...!
Thanks a lot :)

I'm guessing you're into graphics and such, and will probably need some harddisks of your own. Any HDDs you've got good experience with? I'm going to use them for photographs mainly.


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I don't have many externals, but i trust Seagate and Western Digital. Anything else either sucks or I don't trust.


Oh, now I know...!
Carpo and Johnny,
Thanks! I'll have a look at the My Book.

With regards to the printer, I don't really need the scanner functionality. Do you know anyone as good without? :)


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for photo printing your choice is inkjet or dyesub. you may prefer dyesub is you like glossies, but most people prefer inkjet. and although an all-in-one may produce ok results, if you really aren't bothered about the price, better to go with a dedicated photo printer.

epson, hp, and canon each produce machines that have reviewed very, very well. the choice will likely depend on your specific requirements (eg low volume or high volume, size, need to print b&w or not). any more details please?

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NOt sure ahout all MyBooks but a guy at work gave me his MyBook enclosures after we took the drives out to make em internal. And the enclosures have USB/Firewire and eSATA.

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all i can see on my external drive is a usb connection, cant see any others, so unless the black case is covering over the other ones, or mine is just usb only


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Depending on what one you get, carpo, will determin what you can connect it with. There are different types of My Book drives; I have the My Book essential and it has both USB and Firewire connections on it.

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same as mine (size wise and look) but mine only has usb, mine is the essential, mini usb one end normal usb the other, never mind, does what i need it to do and that's hold files :D

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