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New pentium 4's


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the 600 series does have 64 bit extensions and a form of "cool n quiet" like in AMD processors. Now for the added meg of cache it seems that a 3.8 GHz p4 with 1MB of cache will perform better than a 3.6 with 2MB of cache so it seems in this processor it's give or take. It's a wash with the 600 series and 500 series processors.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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they are just tweaked Prescotts but they are much better than the first gen prescotts and are catching back up to AMD in performance...I would still choose an AMD first but the gap has closed a little
The give away that the "new" Intel's aren't any big deal is the lack of 3rd party benchmarks being shown all over.

If the performance was anything to write home about Intel would be bragging all over the place.

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