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New PC User Profile - No Other Services


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Hi. I had tried to make a new user profile in my desktop so that when I do some video works my pc is running on the least needed resources that it needs like turned off antivirus, networking and other not necessary programs that runs in the background. Of course I will disconnect my desktop from the internet to avoid any problem from intrusion. I was not successful.

How do you make a new user profile that can be modified not to run programs that are not needed for video editing?

Thanks. I'll really appreciate any suggestions.


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Windows Services are per system ("local system"). Therefore there is no way to setup services to run under one profile and not under another.

However, you could create a batch file to run on startup of the user you have setup for video editing.


net stop <svcname>


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The trick is not to make a new USER profile but a new HARDWARE profile. When you have multiple hardwareprofiles you can have services run in one profile and have it disabled in another hardware profile. Just rightclick on the service you want not running in a profile, select properties and then log on (translated from dutch "aanmelden" so it may have another name, it is the second tab from the left in winxpo pro NL). In the bottom of this screen you can select the hardwareprofile and select enabled or disabled for this profile.

But before you can do this, first make a new hardwareprofile: rightclick "my computer", select properties and then select hardware. There you can make as much hardwareprofiles as you need. Next time you start windows you can select the profile you need for particular jobs on your pc.

Good luck!


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Ok. i will try that. I had was able to make a new profile under "hardware" and will logon to it and make changes on my services. thanks again.

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