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So as you know from some of my posts and comments it's been awhile now that I have needed a new PC. I don't exactly have the money for a new build right now, but hopefully within 5 months I will.

So let me explain what I want to do with my PC, and other details.

Currently my system is this: (yes I know I don't really need a video card upgrade)

Motherboard - EVGA 780i SLI
CPU - Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz
Memory - 8GB DDR2 800mhz
Video - ATI Radeon HD 5850
PSU - 800W Fatality Series
Case - Coolermaster HAF

Drives -

1 Blu-ray player
1 DVD writer
4 1TB SATA Drives
1 2TB SATA Drive

Alright so for my new system I want the most I can get.

I will be playing all the high end games that come out at 1920x1200, and possibly duel monitor setup, currently running a 24"monitor with a 42" LCD TV, but might get a second 24" monitor. Either way, either duel or single, it's high end resolutions.

I also do multitasking of applications of many sorts, including image processing, browsing, downloading, basically everything lol And I move a crap ton of files back and forth between hard drives, and extract and doing things like that all the time.

Currently I do not have a price point, but I would say 1500 is the max I want to pay, only because I believe you can get pretty much top of the line (not over doing it) for around that much, and of course if the price can be brought down, then I would welcome that.

Not sure if there are new chipsets coming out soon or anything like that, I have not been following that these days, so if that comes into play I would like to know. The one thing I am kinda interested in is USB 3.0 support, are there motherboards out already that support 3.0, or is that down the line... And don't worry about hard drive options, will pick up a cheap 1TB drive or something like that, not interested in SSD right now, because $1000 120GB drive, no matter how fast the system becomes is not worth it to me. My main OS and application drive is from a fresh install 400GB anyways, so.

Ideas, suggestions, options.

Please & Thanks.


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Intel from what I've seen just launched their second generation of Core series processors named Sandy Bridge.

Now you might research SSD prices as from looking at Newegg most 120GB or 128GB under under 500, though still bit more then you might want to spend.

That said do you like Intel or AMD as that will have an effect on the price of parts. Also what do you plan on reusing from your current system.

Now I have posted my current system specs on here a few days ago in a different post and not counting the sound card, case or mouse and keyboard, the main parts cost me at the time about 800 USD if I remember right


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I don't want to use any parts from my system, except maybe the videocard. And I don't care if it's intel or amd, but I do tend to like Intel more.

When is the release date for the sandy bridge chips? New motherboards will be needed I assume? Going to be more expensive then the i7 and i5 chips?
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Rumor has it they are on sell somewhere in Canada as prebuilt systems.

As far as I've read the new chips aren't out yet but I'm sure they'll be more then current i7's but that means the current i7's will come down in price.

I'm unsure if the new Sandy Bridges use the same socket or not as current i7's but I'm guessing no because it seems the chips are different.

[H]ard|OCP - Intel Sandy Bridge Desktop Review Round-Up

That said I'll do some digging on Sandy Bridge and get back to, though I did provide a link to round of reviews about Sandy Bridge so you can read up on them


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I am waiting a little while longer to build a new system. Mainly for the reason of the ssd drives coming down in price. Plus with things being updated daily, it is pointless to think of anything now. By the time you get it it will be out dated and you will want an upgrade ..


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From the research I did it seems the Sandy Bridges use a new socket, so you either go with the current i7's and boards and be on a deadend upgrade path or wait a bit and go with the new Sandy Bridge stuff.


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Once the new chips come out, and prices clearly go down for i7s etc.

If I were to get a maxed out, over the top system with an i7, how long would it be good for....

More to the point, do you guys thing I should get the new chipset, or get an i7?
I recommend AMD - no new socket every 10 seconds :D

1095t 6 core black edition gives you ~i7 920 performance for significantly less outlay than an i7 920/930 :)


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That is a lot cheaper than I thought it would be. Not bad...

I looked at the site and see that a lot of the quad cores dropped in price by a lot. I am thinking the link below is the reason why.

^^^^^ I want it !!

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