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New parts for comp

Im building a new comp, and since im getting a motherboard that doesn't support pci express, is that a bad thing? is pci express going to be that much better? also i read on some sites that the geforce 6800 ultra supports pci express?


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pci express is a port of the future... @ the moment there are no cards on the market that are pci-express though both ati and nvidia have cards that support pci-express and will likely be on the market by year end..

afaik there are no shipping boards with pci-express and are unlikely to be for a while...

pci-express has more potential than agp @ the moment...


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I'd say wait for PCI express. The specs on it look good, and I believe it'll be worth the wait. Plus, there's 64 bit CPUs. There'll be more around to use by the time PCI Express is being used by more than just video cards. If I were in your position, I'd max out what I have (if you haven't already) and wait till the new stuph comes out, 'cause it'll 0wn. My 2.13 cents :)


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i would agree with most others on the waiting game. However, I don't mean it in the sense that you should wait for it to come out and be the first to grab it but rather wait for it to be released and get the existing versions which should become much cheaper.
The wait the guys are talking about is probably about 12 months. If that is acceptable wait for PCI express. If you need something now there is no reason to hesitate. Performance of the current MB/Video (AMD 64 and ATI X800) and is more than adequate for anything in the forseeable future.


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pci express is not going to take 12 months to implement... by q3'2004 you should see some products present that utilise both pci express on the mobo and gfx card...

the advantage is much greater bandwidth though the current expectations of doubled performance may not be realistic...

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