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For the last few days and at various times during the last few weeks, months and years I have been working on a new version of OSNN and today I think it has reached the stage where it is ready to replace the old system.

We have been using Virtuanews since around 2002, but the project is pretty much dead which could well have opened it up to security issues and such, but in a shallower and yet more important sense was leaving it behind in the direction the web is moving.

Today we switch to vBadvanced, a system that is more tightly integrated with vBulletin which we have been using on the forums for nearly 8 years, this allows us to more easily keep the style up to date, moderate new posts in a single area. There is so much more as well, but I am pretty hyped up at the moment as I was really looking forward to getting this online.

There is of course, still work to be done and I have a todo list that just seems to keep getting longer as I spot things that need work! The most obvious is the lack of logo! But yes, its coming!

Thanks to the team and the elite members for helping me test the site out and please enjoy the new OSNN as it continues to evolve, let me know what bugs you find and what you think of it!
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I just sent out an email to all users who haven't visited since the new theme was launched and have more than 49 posts.

Hey $username,

I just thought I would sent out another one of my classic mass emails once again but this time with a twist – I am only mailing OSNN members that have made a significant contribution such as yourself.

Personally, I have spent some time away from the site due to both real life issues and commitments but recently I have returned and I am actively revamping almost every aspect of the site.

The first thing you will notice is that we have a completely new theme which I am very pleased with and along with that a completely different news system with the focus of really bringing the community back together.

With the imminent release of Windows 7, it is a very exciting time for technology-driven communities such as ours and I hope you will stop by and reconnect with some of the familiar faces that we have brought together over the last eight years and let me know about your thoughts on both the new design and the direction of the site.

If you have forgotten any of your logon details, that shouldn’t be a problem. Your username is obviously $username and the email on the account is $email (the mail account this message was sent to). If you have forgotten your password you can reset it by visiting this page:

We hope to see you again soon!

Electronic Punk Administrator.

So hopefully we will see some familiar faces around with the next few days

Great, not too sure about the clouds on the top though...BUT i like the forum set up!!

Yeah, the current plan is to knock out a few of them and let the users choose the one they like using CSS etc.

See if you can find a cool image that works, it either needs to loop nicely or be around 90px * ~2000px
Wow, what a coincidence! I got the e-mail, but before I saw it I randomly decided to check OSNN today and saw this new design. The new layout looks way better than the previous one EP, good work! I'll try to participate more in here once the final Windows 7 build is released.
Thanks for the E-mail, I like the new layoutand have bookmarked it to my toolbar.

I have too many bookmarks on my main one lol.
Thank you EP for the reminder email, I hate not visiting here. But with the new ie I re-added OSNN to my favorites bar, so you all can expect me arround more. At least if I can get my darn laptop fixed....hummm reminds me to head to the forums....

BTW: Love the new look, I just have to figuare out how the news works now. Great job
It's you're, with an apostrophe NOT your! :p
Up yours, I have boxing gloves and I'm not afraid to use them

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Luckily for us it's NEVER gonna happen

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