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New omega drivers and update info


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I know I said in my last site update that I was gonna release 3 driver sets, well, after thinking about it, there is a problem with doing that, the servers would not be able to handle such a pressure, so I decided to divide the releases to ease the pain. This is the first driver set, based on the ATI Cat 5.2, the next set will be Nvidia, based on the 66.93 official drivers, that will be released on Tuesday (05) or Wednesday (06). Following it will be the ones based on ATI Cat 5.3 next Saturday (09) and for a last added release, the Nvidia drivers based on the 71.84 official drivers on Tuesday (12) or Wednesday (13) of the following week. I hope that covers all the time I have been "snoozing" around. :p

Yay :D


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The 5.2 didnt do to well with a lot of games, but they helped my aquamark score after omega got his hands on it. :D


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The nvidia drivers based in 66.93 are out!!!!


Long time eh? :)

It has been a long wait, but many already know my reasons, if not, look below in the site news box.

The new drivers are ready and they are based on the previous 66.93 official set by Nvidia, next release (Wednesday, 13) will be based on the current WHQL Nvidia release (71.84). There where not many changes since last set except for added cards support and some updated software, but, Why change something that was already good? :p


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