New OMEGA dets (4.3) OUT!!


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7 Jan 2004
New OMEGA's (4.3) OUT!!

just downloaded the new omega's....
Click Me

there you all go, and have fun :)
stay away from that website, lots of pop up ad's and spyware installers :mad:

guru3d should mirror the drivers.
Hmm just looked at tthem and hit the change log and it appears that they are still 4.2 cats or the changlog has not been updated :)

What's New? (2k/XP 2.5.22 & 9x/ME 2.5.37)
* Based on the Official Catalyst 4.2 drivers. (2k/XP/9x/ME)
* Removed 3DProfiler from the package. (2k/XP)
* Surprise: Included an exclusive Omega version of RadLinker. (2k/XP/9x/ME)
Many thanks to ChrisW!
* For stability's sake, forced Fastwrites OFF for ALL cards and forced it ON
for all 9600 cards. (2k/XP)
* Removed the 9700->9800 soft mod option again. (2k/XP/9x/ME)
* Did one LAST Omega Driver set for Win9x/ME "AGAIN" since I did some mistakes in
the previous "last" release. (9x/ME)
* Hope to have fixed the installation problems in Win9x/ME "AGAIN". (9x/ME)
* Added the Multires utility to the Win9x/ME package. (9x/ME)
* Separated the D3D/OGL CP tabs now that RadLinker takes care of the profiles. (9x/ME)
* Added support for 9800SE cards that have been bios-modded to 9800XT. (2k/XP/9x/ME)
This is on the site now...

What's New? (2k/XP 2.5.30)
* Based on the Official Catalyst 4.3 drivers.
* Updated the Omega version of RadLinker. Many thanks to ChrisW!
* Now that the FW issue seems to have been solved for 9600 cards, forced
Fastwrites OFF for ALL cards.
* Fixed installation issue for FireGL cards.
* Added support for Mobility 9700.
* Updated the Omega logo in the options screen.
It says fast writes off for all card. What is fast writes?

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