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I recently set up a network using a crossover cable between two XP home computers. The network works great for file and print sharing. I originally shared my dial up connection for the internet; but got sick of the primary computer regularly self dialing the internet for no apparent reason. I changed the configuration to have direct dial up from each computer. The new computer has challenges with the connection. It doesn't connect easily and the speads are slower than the other computer on the network. Sometimes real slow. My biggest problem is that it regularly tries to sign on to the internet for no apparent reason. The other problem which is probably related is that when my internet connection is establishing before it connects it "Registers with the Network" That doesn't seem right. Is there something I can do? I read through all of info on this site prior to asking, so I appologize if it is a stupid question. I'm just too new with networking to be able to figure out some of the basics. Thanks for any help.


If you PC is autodialing most likely you have something that is causing it, if both PCs have been configured identically try comparing the services that are started (Control Panel/Administrator Tools/Services) or your processes (CTRL+ALT+DEL/Processes) as far as the Resgistering with the network that is a normal process for authentication, when dialing in you should see the following Authenticating computer, verifying username and password, registering with the network. As far as too slow of a connction more info would be required (Dial UP, DSL, Cable, Firewall etc...)

Sorry if I couldn't be of more help.


Thanks for the info Chooch. I had previously checked all of the modem and internet connection properties to see if they matched. The only thing that was obviously different was that my new machine has the QoS. But from what I read, it shouldn't impact anything. I am glad to know that the Registering with the network isn't a problem. Since my old machine that has a higher modem speed doesn't register, I thought it was a problem. I also had not gone into the Administrative Tools Services. It has alot of good stuff. I will compare my two machines tomorrow. Thanks for the recommendations. I will let you know if I find anything.

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