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New network

I previously had my two laptops (P4 2.4GHz, 512MB, XP Home and P2 366MHz 256MB, XP Pro) connected via a MS Home Network and with ICS through the P4 laptop. I was always having problems with the ICS being blocked on the P2 computer by the firewall (several tried). The other disadvantage of this setup is that the primary computer must always be on.

I have now set up a simple network with the two computers connected to a Linksys BEFSR41 version 2 cable/DSL Router with a 4 port switch.

I now have independent access to the internet via the two computers, so no problems here. The information given and setup CDROm were easy to use for this phase.

I am totally new to networks I am unsure of what I am doing. I have setup Zone Alarm pro on both computers

Zone Alarm Pro on the P4 (used to initially setup the Router) tells me that I have two networks, and

Zone Alarm Pro on the P2 tells me I have only have one network

My problem is this I would like to share files, drives and the printer (connected to the P4) but so far I have been unsuccessful.

The computers are both connected to the MSHome network but no domain is specified.

What I need is some sound advice and the recommendation of a good but simple book on networking.

Now i know most of you will be very bored over the next few days with very little to do so i am hoping that i will get a good response.

merry Christmas to you all.


The first think I must ask. Do you have both computers in the same group (i.e. workgroup, home, etc.) if not, you should get them that way.

Good luck :)
put in same workgroup which i think you said they are, mshome, and you must physically create a share on each before anything can be seen..a security default, and then to make easier create same user/password on each then will pass through without a prompt........
I have done some further work I have have found that if i disable Zone Alarm pro 3.0 on both computers them they everything OK. I now have to find the settings for Zone Alarm pro.

I have set the MSHOme network as "Trusted". Now i must check what other settings must be altered.

Happy Christmas one and all.

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