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New network card



Hey guys if i bought a new network card would it give me better pinf in counter-strike. I have dsl but threw a vpn network. I am currently useing a onboard nforce. My brother just got a network card and he says that it seems that it a little faster when surfing the web. Is it worht 10 bucks to buy a new one. And also i want a new one so i can run linux and get the internet. IS there a newwork card at say bestbuy for cheap that will run linux?
Your ping is a function of your isp and the internet nodes the data goes through. With DSL or Cable any crappy old 10 mbit card will perform the same as long as you have a decent cable between the modem and your NIC card.

Before you spend any money for linux compatible hardware check for Linux drivers for your built in on:
the nvidia web site
the web site of whatever linux distribution you have
some linux help sites

then try this string in google "linux nforce drivers"

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