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New Name?

As many of you know I have a tiny tiny tiny hosting "project" (I cant really call it a business with 2 customers and too many freeloaders)

I'm just wondering if "Digital Euphoria" is still good as a name or whether I need to get a new one for the branding. (I have too much listed as Digital euphoria to go changing everything).

I'd probably end up with something like "Joe Host.com - a Digital euphoria brand" or maybe drop all association with that and make it a pseudo-holding brand and change everything else.

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions?


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You'd probably amass greater effort in changing things...I say leave it as it is.

Although with joehost.com you could get really nifty 'eat at joes' shirts and just deface them with your scrawl:dead:
I could contact warner brothers and have them remaster all the looney tunes to say "host at joes" too... :D

I think we're onto something :p


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The name Digital Euphoria is a great name.

I wonder whether a person looking for web hosting would think that Digital Euphoria is a business that sells web hosting, without looking deeper below the name. Of course, your advertiaing could try to convey that someone will get a digital euphoria if they use your hosting service.

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