New MS Fix has slowed start up


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1 Mar 2004
Ever since the new MS Security fix my system takes longer to boot up, especially my Norton IS and AV programs. My system ususally boots up in about 30 seconds now it takes about 3 times that much time, any idea what this is all about??

I agree, since one of my last security updates my norton av/fw and the audigy spalsh screen do take longer to appear, it's almost like when the cpu is overclocked but without enough voltage.
The patches have not slowed my system down.

The only thing i noted was the changes to the system files caused my firewall to block the updated components from network access. This does cause a delay. Check if your firewall is using component control technology.

It doesn't hurt to have a defrag and use a tool like BootVis to improve boot time speed after applying any updates that affect files used during OS boot.
I noticed when installing the latest beta sp2 my boot was faster my system was faster.

I did uninstall sp2 beta last week, read a lot of don't install it stuff, so took the advice of the more knowledgable.

Can't wait for the new sp2.

I know this is not the topic, but whilst it is on my mind, autopatcher also, sped up my system,:) the same way as sp1 did, when it was released as a non testing purposes set of fixes.

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