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new motherboard!!!!!!


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Hey I JUST bought an ASRock 939 Dual-SATA2 (holds an agp 8x slot and a pci-e slot!). Anyhow, I don't even have a clue on how to install it but the question is, I have one stick of 1024mb ram and 2x256mb, since this mobo has 4 slots (2 are black and 2 are blue) to hold ram, can I put all the ram together and will it still access them all? Not sure since they are of different make and size

thanks :)


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agh what a rip :( it feels like a waste now buying only 1 stick of ram haha
so that basically means it'll be running as if there's only 1gb of ram for most of the time right

*no wonder it is often sold in packages of 2


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would putting the 1gb by itself and the other 2 in its own two slots (and other color) make ne difference...?

oh and does anyone have anything good to say about this mobo? again it's a:

ASRock 939 Dual SATA2
It won't make a difference; the board still won't be able to run in a dual channel config. I had a thread on this board last month (it's in my machine now!) and I like it. The onboard LAN caused some BSODs, but I disabled it since I'm using gigabit ethernet anyhow.
Depends on the MB chipset. I have not heard anything on the ULI chipset your board is based on.

In some cases if you put the 2x256 in the first set of slots it should access them as dual channel. Put the 3rd stick in the 3rd slot and it will see it and use it but at a single channel access speeds. If your MB supports this method it should explain which slots to use. I'll download the manual latter and take a look.

The ULI chipset won't support dual channel memory speeds if you install 3 sticks. For dual cahnnel put the 2x256 in the blue slots.

If you want to run 4 sticks they all have to be 256 mb (or all 4 MB) to get dual channel speeds.

Your best bet would be to get another 1 mb stick identical to the one you have (same speed, make and number of chips on it). Then sell the 2x256mb.

Trying to get 4x256 running dual channel might get touchy.

Or sell/trade the 1024 stick for 2x512. You might be able to find someone who wants to upgrade to 2 gig and has a pair of 512's now.
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could i just use teh current 2x256 and buy another 1gb of ram?

so i'll have 2x1gb of ram in one pair of dual slots (hope that makes sense)
and the other pair will have the 2x256mb???

btw the board can hold up to 4gb
duked said:
so i'll have 2x1gb of ram in one pair of dual slots (hope that makes sense)
and the other pair will have the 2x256mb???

btw the board can hold up to 4gb
That's what I did (2x 1GB), although you might not use your 256MBs. Your new ram will probably run at faster timings, which is good. If you put in your old ram, you'll be forced to run at whatever is the weakest link (your old RAM). But if your old ram can run nearly as good timings as your new ram, go for it!

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