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New Monitor


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I am looking to upgrade my monitor, I'm thinking about the Dell UltraSharp 2007WFP 20.1-inch Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor. I was wondering if anyone is or has used this monitor and what there oppinon is on this monitor. I intend to use it mainly for gaming. COD2, MOH, GRAW, and COD3-as soon as it comes out. Any sugestions are welcome. Thanks


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I play games on mine, no ghosting that I can see and color reproduction is pretty good.

The resolution I typically use is 1680x1050 but some games don't support widescreen or a res that high. For them, if I can't hack the res to ws, I use 1280x1024 or 1440 x 900 for lower widescreen. Depends.

I used to have a 19" crt @ 1600x1200, I'm never going back to a crt. I can do standard 4:3 if I have to but I'm never going back to a crt lol.
I had a 2005WFP for one day. I didn't care for the wide screen. The monitor was fine, I just didn't like the wide screen.

I now have two 2001FP's. Love 'em!


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It may not be for everyone's taste, but the monitor I'm planning to get in a couple months is the NEC MultiSync 20WMGX2-BK - flat panel display - TFT - 20.1". It has received numerous excellent reviews that you can easily google for. Imagine playing the games you mentioned in WIDESCREEN. Out of all the 20" widescreens out there, this one appears to be the fastest, nicest image, least hassle...unfortunately, it isn't the lowest price...but then, it is NEC.

The North American model is the 20WWMGX2 (silver model, just add -BK for black) and the Euro version is 20WGX2 which does NOT have the TV Tuner, detachable speakers and is not HDCP-compliant. But the screen is the same so check out the reviews for that one as well to see the quality.
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I have the 2005FPW and am very happy with it. I game alot on it too as well as all the fun graphic programs out there. I usually run WoW at 1680x1050 as well as everything else w/o any problems.


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Thanks, I checked it out and found this, take a look.


thought it was pretty interesting, NEC had a few things better, but overall it looks like Dell gets a better rating. I appreciate your responce.

Like going to a doctor, always get a second opinion. I was immediately suspicious when the reviewer said he couldn't get the NEC to display 4:3 correctly. It's not supposed to be 4:3 for the PC *only NON-gamers with lousy graphics cards (like that reviewer?) would try to use 1024x768. It's 5:4 for 1280x1024 and 16:10 for 1680x1050 (max res wide). And regardless, other reviews I found were able to set the res to 1024x768 without problem.

Searching for the 'full' review, I found it here and read thru all the user comments posted. In it you just might find there are actually some serious banding and tearing quality issues with the Dell.

I'm not trying to knock it, I just think your decision should be based on all the facts which that review heartily avoids.

some other links:
http://stores.tomshardware.com/rating_getprodrev.php/masterid=16752678/id_type=masterid (nec)
http://stores.tomshardware.com/rating_getprodrev.php/masterid=18864442/id_type=masterid (dell - this one has a user that says the 4:3 is difficult to get here too, go figure)
http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/wiki/index.php?title=Master_Games_List_-_A (not a review, but a great list of settings for ws games)
http://www.trustedreviews.com/article.aspx?art=2990 (dont forget to search revs for the 20WGX2 - euro version, same screen but no speakers/tv tuner, no HDCP)
http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1043429&page=19&pp=20 (huge post about the NEC, read thru it - lots of info)

LOL, to make matters worse, I found this webpage discussing the Dell banding issue and a possible fix. The users were arguing whether the official Dell response (a firmware fix was being made available) was true or not. Apparently, there are 2 diff screens being used for that Dell monitor (1 is the same as the NEC) and the poster that was in contact with Dell support, was told he would need to send his monitor back for exchange, no firmware update.

What it boils down to for me is:

NEC Pros: Fast gaming, high quality image, any-angle viewability, HDCP-ready.
NEC Cons: High price, glossy screen *needs darker room, not a problem for me.

Dell Pros: Low price, HDCP-ready *some places said it wasn't, but I'll say it is.
Dell Cons: Tearing in games, image banding issue, limited-angle viewing.

Both are nice monitors to be sure so if money is an issue, Dell is the way to go. But for me, gaming and image quality is key, so it's NEC for me. Keep in mind, I'm also getting a top-of-the-line Asus EN7900GTX 512MB DD3 nVidia graphics card so games at any res with full effects is no problem for me (as in 1280x1024 or 1680x1050). My current Samsung 17" CRT has wicked image quality with a very glossy screen so I'm pretty used to managing my background light already.

Good luck with it.
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Thanks for all the info, Lot of reading. Although. The web site you sent me to still gives the Dell a better rating. Sure is a lot harder to figure this stuff out than I thought it would be. And as stated before, I really do appreciate all the info everyone gives. If you could would some one tell me what banding and tearing is? I have not noticed anything bad or wrong in the screen graphics or res. while playing any of my games solo or online with my 17".

NEC MultiSync 20WMGX2

$730 (check prices)

Generally good image quality; built-in NTSC tuner with remote; integrated speakers; flexible on-screen adjustments.

Very expensive; glossy finish abets reflections.

NEC's MultiSync 20WMGX2 is a versatile display offering good image quality, but is marred by very high price and the glossy screen. It's a good choice if you require a display that does a little of everything.

7 out of 10

Dell UltraSharp 2007WFP


$529 (direct)

Excellent backlight uniformity and gray scale tracking; good response time; overall good image quality; ergonomically pleasant to use; good price.

Black level detail lacking a bit; no component input.

Dell ships another winner in the UltraSharp 2007WFP. Offering first rate image quality for a desktop LCD, it's priced right and is a pleasure to use.

9 out of 10



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I don't play many games, but the games I have played work quite nicely on this monitor. Hit Dell up at the right time and you can get one heck of a deal (I got both of mine for right around $400.00/each).
I would also look at finding a coupon to bring the price of the dell monitor down some. You can sometimes buy coupons on ebay that will save you loads of cash. I generally like my Dell 1905 ultrasharp. It's old but I got it for free from the Delf the Elf Sweepstakes back in 2004. I'd love to have the 2405 because of it's response time, but if you game, anything below 16ms response time is going to be fine. I think viewsonic has the fastest monitor with 1ms response don't they?


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I am a gaming fool. It really doesn't matter which game either. I run Galaxies (from time to time), FF, WoW, EQ2, Quake 4, HL2, Call of Duty 2, and Huxley (videos for now....waiting on beta). I have not for one second seen any loss of data or picture from my monitor at any point. Like I said I have the 2005 but still pretty much the same monitor. If anything I've seen an improvement from my former. I even have my digital cable as well as my ps2/xbox feeding into the other ports. No loss at all. I love mine. Beside for the price you can pay for one, that's a steal. I got mine on Ebay for about $450.

Gateway 21" Flat Panel Widescreen HD monitor. granted it also isn't very cheap.... but i love mine. wish i could get some games that could play in a HD resolution. or wish i had something that could connect to the component inputs and play HD video/games. and my god is it pretty. love the anti-glare coating.... i don't remember ever seeing a glare on this thing. in stores you might, depending on the lighting in said stores..... but in a plain old little room, with a single light, and i even have a window behind me..... don't remember seeing any glare at all. plus 21" widescreen is HUGE! i went from a 17" 4:3 LCD to a 21" 16:10 LCD..... damn thing just barely squeaked into the monitor space on my desk. needless to say... i don't get much use outta the side USB ports. Really worth looking at if you ask me. Even if you go to a local Best Buy.... they might have one that you can drool over. looks a LOT smaller in stores.

If not, and you don't really wanna just look at a picture of it on some website, or in a review.... i could gladly take some pictures. just ask. could even give some size comparisons if you want.

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