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New monitor [ Sony Multiscan E230 ]


Graphic Designer
I want to buy a larger display and I've thought at this model : Sony Multiscan E230 . If you have any opinions/experience with these models or another model that I look for keep me with news ..



hardware monkey
Posted by Cosmin
I want to buy a larger display
17" isn't very large at all. but it depends on what you use the computer for and what you appreciate in a monitor. do you like high refresh rates? high resolutions? a flat screen? large viewable size? color accuracy? apprearance? and, of course, cost is an issue.

in general, i'd stay away from sony and brands that use sony trinitron tubes. imo, trinitron is overrated. mitsubishi's diamondtron tube is quite a bit better.

viewsonic is always a safe bet, too. i have the A95f which is a 19" flat crt. i've had it for about 2 years and it's wonderful.
viewsonic's flat CRTs are the best out there, regardless of what people tell you they look the best. go with the A90f(19inch) or A70f(17 inch) both very very good.


Graphic Designer
These are very important for me ( in this order )

2high refresh - flat
317'' is perfect for what I need on this desktop ..

I really don't need high resolutions ideed ... ( this model - 1600x1200 max )

But I have some other products from CTX at the same price but these are 19'' - I must think about that ..


hardware monkey
products i think you should consider:

- Viewsonic A70f

- Viewsonic A90f

- i have the Viewsonic A95f, but it might be a little too pricey.

- Iiyama Vision Master Pro 454

- Viewsonic P95f

they're all flat crt's. only the first one is a 17". the last two got good reviews here: The Iiayama Vision Master Pro 454 turned out to be a really pleasant surprise, with outstanding image quality and stability. We are accustomed to this manufacturer providing an attractive quality/ price ratio, but sometimes to the detriment of quality. With the Vision Master Pro 454, they have combined a cost advantage with an intelligent adaptation of the Diamontron High Brightness tube. Right along side it is the ViewSonic P95f, at the same price and with the same outstanding image quality and stability.

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