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New Moniter / TV

I found this old post of mine in the legacy forums. It was never responded to before, perhaps now it can be.

You can replace the Sony Grand Wega w/ the Samsung DLP 46" though since times have changed slightly. While the Sammy has a vga input for native PC support, I would still like some help interpretating the HDCP protocol.


ignipotentis said:
I have recently been looking into getting a Sony 50" Grand Wega. However, the one thing that deters me is the lack of obvious PC support. I would like to use the TV as a moniter for a living room PC as well as a TV.

So I set off to do some investigation. I came across the ATI Component Adapters and then came across the reviews stating their overscan problems.

Next I decided to check out the details on DVI (http://www.proxima.com/downloads/pdf/DVI-WhitePaper.pdf & http://www.digital-cp.com/data/HDCP10.pdf) and i've become rather confused.

From what I gather, HDTV-DVI is nothing but DVI-D + HDCP. Now, being DVI-D, it can accept a signal from any DVI-I video card as long as a DVI-D male to male cable is used. Where i become confused is in the HDCP protocol. The way I read it, The Host (My Computer) in this case, initiates the Authenticity Check whenver it wants. If it doesn't recieve a valid reply, it can stop the stream. However, Nothing is stated (that i can see) as to what would happen if no check was ever performed. If the Client (the TV) just continues to display what it recieves, then all is good. If it does not, then i guess i'm back to the drawing board looking for other TVs.

My question to the NTFS Community is that of the protocol. I've emailed info@digital-cp.com only to recieve the following message: Thank you for your message. I am currently out of the office. For HDCP issues, you may wish to contact the administrative agency for Digital Content Protection LLC via info@digital-cp.com.

I'm hoping that someone a bit more technically savy then myself can interpret the HDCP protocol better than I have been able to.

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