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New mobo [ 8RDA ] - couple of questions


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Bought today an Epox 8RDA ..
Installed and found a couple of changes .. also incompatibilities in my mind .. :)
1). The mobo has agp8x & i have also an GF4MX440 AGP 4X from Leadtek ..
( I've atached a scheme for more details : my question is - there is not problem if fits perfecly & will work ok ? )

2).Where I can find a quide for understanding where to fit the usb cables , power , led & others cause from manual cannot understand perfecly and I want minumum risk . ( I type now from my other pc )

I'll come with new questions if needed , but thanks for replies ! Cosmin :)


So long as your motherboard is backwards compatible with 4x AGP (which it should be), then I don't really see a problem with the graphics. You may want to check the voltage that your vid card needs since the "newer" AGP is of a slightly lower voltage I think. The front panel connectors shouldn't really be hurt if you put em on backwards or somethin. The power and reset buttons shouldn't really matter which direction you put on, but the LEDs might not light up if you put em on backwards. If this happens, just turn em around and you'll be good to go.
Correct, no problems.

The USB has to be wired correctly, but as long as you have +, - and data right, you won't blow anything. ;)


Graphic Designer
anyway I'll build it tomorrow cause here is almost midnight ..
But after finishing with building :
1) . Start pc normally & all hardware will be detected & stored in BIOS ( so no manual action amost .. minor changes ) ? & than installing OS & so on ..


If you're using an athlon XP, you might have to change the fsb to 133 or 166 depending on the fsb of your cpu. Bios' often default to 100fsb to be on the safe side...
Don't worry about blowing anything up by plugging usb/led/button cables in the wrong way, it's pretty hard to do. ;)
Just triple check all your fans etc are plugged in before you turn on. (Not insulting your intelligence, I've been negligent of such trivial things before :D)
May the computer gods be with you :)

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