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Aight gang, I just bought myself a G4 iBook 12.1" 1.33ghz for about $600. :devious: Pretty stoked cause my last one was jacked after about 2 weeks of having it. So now I ask you guys what I need to get for it as well as the apps/programs that I need to put on it. Also what games are gonna be ok to play on it? (World of Warcraft? Quake 4?) I see what SPeedY_B has posted, but does anyone have any other suggestions?


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The apps you need is kind of subjective based on what you do, but these are ones I suggest.

Flip4Mac - WMV player
VLC (VideoLAN Client)
Camino - alternative browser
CandyBar - easily change icons
Gmail Notifier - if you have a Gmail account
Proteus - all-in-one IM client
Textwrangler - code editor (if you do any web stuff)

Not Free
Transmit - FTP client
Roxio Toast Titanium


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cool stuff, I was looking at a couple of those. I thought about picking up the microsoft office for it or would that be a waste? I guess I wouldn't need to if there was a converter for office documents to work on it, that is if they don't already.


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You can export Pages (iWork) documents into Microsoft Word format. The only reason I could see needing Office would be for Excel -- don't get it for Word or PowerPoint.
eurotrash said:
Also what games are gonna be ok to play on it? (World of Warcraft? Quake 4?)
They have those for mac?!?

Apps - I would recomend to get Azureus if you use torrents, and also Taco HTML edit if you plan to do any web designing- I highly recommend downloading GIMP whether you like playing with pics or not because sooner or later you will find a use for it.

All of the above are free. Plus go to and look at the mac section. They have the best of free downloads updated often.

EDIT: also, a good ftp client alternative would be CyberDuck. It's open source and it's pretty decent. I've been using it now for a few months and really like it.


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AppZapper (great for uninstalling apps, really worth it)

Jets'n'Guns is a pretty fun retro game


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#10 FTW.

On games, you're not going to be playing games such as Q4 on an iBook, it struggles along on my Dual G4 PowerMac :D On my iBook, I've played Quake 1/2/3, The Sims 2 (low settings), Doom 3 (ultra-low settings), UT 2003/2004... not very demanding games.

As for apps, if you need an app for a specific need, then ask for that, else people will be recommending applications to perform tasks you may never need :)

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