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New Lycoris Partnership


I may actually be insane.
Lycoris partners with TransGaming and brings ross-platform gaming into the hands of Desktop/LX users. With the new Lycoris GamePak, Desktop/LX users gain simple installation of improved and enhanced Open Source games, plus the ability to play top Windows games, all in one box. Access to TransGaming's WineX software, which allows DirectX games to run on other platforms, will be included with the Lycoris GamePak, on retail store shelves this Holiday season.
press release

Sounds nifty :)
Yeah, I'm waiting for the next release of Desktop/LX ... the one with KDE 3 and stuff.

I will install Slackware in 2003 ... don't ask me why. :p


I may actually be insane.
Good call, KDE3 is a damned nice environment to work in. Definately more sleek and optimised than KDE2.

Then again, can't beat a command line :p

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